Sunday, 24 October 2010

A finish!

Years ago, probably 6 or more, I did a swap of fall leaf blocks and they have been aging in a box all this time. Well, I got them out and did a quick wall hanging with some of them. As in a lot of swaps, the piecing in some of the blocks is less than stellar, but the love makes up for it. Who cares if a point or two are missing. I love the colors and needed to decorate for fall! And, DONE feels real good. I took it to the long arm quilter and it was done in less than a week. I had it quilted with large meander and variegated orange, red brown thread and like it ok. Sometimes, just finishing is more important than perfection. I still have about a dozen blocks left and am not sure what they will become or when for that matter. Maybe I need a table runner, or a lap quilt or ? ? ?. I just hope I don't leave them in the box for another 6 years. This past year I have really been trying to finish old UFO's. Not that I haven't started a few others as well, but the old ones are on my radar.